Holding a lamb, running away...

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Holding a lamb, running away...

Post by Shan on Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:14 pm

Last night I had the following dream...

I was going to a small gathering of people who I didn't know, but they were Christians. We were going to meet at the church of my childhood, Calvary Cathedral. It was destroyed by a tornado IRL several years ago and we were going to its rebuilt building. IRL they bought an existing church. At this meeting, Kenneth Copeland was going to speak to us intimately. He is not someone I listen to often, but I still respect his wisdom.

When he arrived, I was sitting by a sliding glass window/door that was half-way open. Several people greeted him warmly and stuck their hands out of the window to shake his hand. I am not someone who rushes to touch someone or shake their hands just because they are famous. In fact, I try to let it be God who makes the way if it is to happen. Well, I had that same thought in my dream and it did happen that we ended up shaking hands. When he came through the door, he said, "You're Shannon, right?" I said that I was. He said that my mom had called him with a dream and had contacted him because he would be the only one to verify its meaning. I then had the understanding that somewhere along the way, my mom had known him (He does live in the Fort Worth, TX area and my mom has done secretarial work for ministers before, so it made sense.) At first, I thought the dream was about me and I thought, "What does he know about me", hoping it wasn't something bad. It ended up being that it was about something else.

Then my mom arrived at the meeting. She had this sweet lamb with her that was a pet. I was surprised that my mom had this lamb and that it was a pet, because she is not a big fan of pets. I held it in my lap for the meeting and was hoping to keep it. I can't express how loving and sweet this lamb was. It was so docile and content to be with anyone who would hold it. The meeting was over and my mom took the lamb with her, but I wasn't too disappointed because I knew I'd see it again. All of my life people have told me what a sweet and gentle mom I have, and she is. I'm thinking the lamb either represents her spirit or it was symbolic of Jesus.

Later on, some of the singles were getting together and going to another meeting so I hung around. There was a guy there who I thought liked me and I kind of liked him too, although he seemed to be somewhat younger than me. He was not the reason I hung around though. Some of these people were preppers, like I was and this guy was asking me what I had stored. Something had happened in the U.S. that was not good. I don't know the degree as to how bad it was, nor do I know what happened, but the guy and I were trying to stock up on toilet paper. We had almost everything but enough toilet paper for the people in the group. When this happened it was nighttime. For some reason, we had stopped on this large bridge and whatever happened was on the other side of the bridge.

Then the scene changed and I was back at the church. A girl (who was somewhat rebellious was planning on deserting the group because she didn't want to play by the rules) and I were going to go off by ourselves. I had some money, but didn't think I had enough to last a few days. I knew where there was money that belonged to someone else, maybe the group, I don't know, but I opened up this box and took some of the money. I did this in front of some people, but they didn't stop me. I was thinking it was wrong, but I knew I'd pay it back later. I don't know where we were going, but I knew it was about three days. That is where my dream ended.
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