We both are fraustrated :crying: Moderators, Please help.

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We both are fraustrated :crying: Moderators, Please help.

Post by Dreamert00 on Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:36 pm

Dreamed I was at my friends house (irl he wants to marry me). I went from his bed (nothing inappropriate, fully dressed) to the bathroom and starting cleaning his tub. Still fully dressed inside the tub (with his shirt on) washing it with soap and water. The water was coming out brown and it was leavng brown streaks on the tub wall. I told him the tub not dirty it's just the water brown and the towel has lent on it. His doorbell rung and it was the apt manager asking him about eithe 75 or 85 dollars for next month. She said "if you have money your other account just let us know, and she looked at her papers and said you'll be living in the next apartment over". Dream switch to a white woman who works in the apartment complex coming in his apt. She saw me cleaning the tub and thought I was his maid :hmm:  She went to the bathroom mirror and starting becking him to come (seducing) and I was like "what's going on" and I saw that he had been having some sort of relations with her. I pushed the both of them, I really wanted to tap that behind tho. holy moly Lord help me...lol
So I went into his bedroom and got my two pairs of slippers and was leaving. He said look in the kitchen to get what he got for me, I told him I did not want anything be bought me and left. He was walking me to the car (like he always do) and I said get away from me before I kill you, I'm not playing and I woke up and called him immediately.

Ok, this is not a literal dream and he would not cheat. I think this was a bit exaccuarated to get my attention, especially God adding the white woman; I was hurt, shock and felt cheated on. This is beyond face value, as he has been fasting all day today so we can get clarity on God's will for us. We have not talked since Monday, so I didn't know he started the fast.

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