Cars and Asians

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Cars and Asians

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:41 am

In the dream, I was on a highway that leads into my city - one that I drive each day. I was at the point where the highway turns into a city street, which is also right when you pass under a bridge on the interstate. So, I was coming into town. I saw a small car in the opposite lane of traffic that drove past me. There were three early-teen girls "in" that car. Well, one was driving, another was in the passenger seat, and the last one was riding on the outside of the car, hanging on the driver's side door with the window rolled down. All of them were Asian. I thought that all three of them were too young to be driving - actually, I thought that they "appeared" too young to be driving. Then, I thought about the external one. Her feet were touching the ground, and I first thought that her shoes must be skates - that they probably had wheels on them. Then, I saw that they didn't, so I was confused as to how she was doing what she was doing with what seemed to be ease. I expected her shoes to get tore apart or burn up.

After they passed me, I saw another small car a bit behind them. There was a lone girl inside, and I knew that she wasn't connected to the previous car. What stood out to me was that she looked...more Asian then the other three. I guess I mean that her features were more pronounced.

Any thoughts?

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