Help with A Mysterious Dream

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Help with A Mysterious Dream

Post by Vagabond on Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:06 am


Kind of new to dream interpretation, but I feel like God wants me to learn about this lately.
I'm open to input from others, but also sense I need to be cautious.

I have had a dream about a guy in church that I know who is, but don't really know as a person.
I've had 3 dreams about him previously and been woken up at 5.00am each time, sensing an urge to pray over him in tongues.
However, God has not revealed to me what it's all about yet and I don't have any specific word for this guy yet.

So, I prayed to God what this was all about and had a dream that same night:

'I was in church (my local church) worshipping and this man was playing keyboard on stage while also singing. I was on the side of the stage but facing forward still. I remember thinking in the dream that I must not look at him, because it is not right if I'm drawn to him. (He is a good looking man in real life...)
The service ended and I walked up to the altar with a friend. The guy came walking towards me and my friend stopped him asking: 'Are you two together?' He smiled and said: 'All I know is that I went to Garage 5 and didn't expect to find Kristin there.'
Upon which I replied feeling embarrassed: ' Not that I know of.' (I thought in the dream that God had not revealed it to me at least if it was so)
He looked at me with kind, warm eyes and put his hand on my shoulder and then walked to the other side of the room to clean up some cables after the service. My eyes followed him, before I turned around and saw a book on the altar called 'Temptations'. And then it ended.

I guess this may be a warning dream lol and should be very obvious with Temptations at the end?!
One interpretation I think is that Garage 5 is representing ministry/outreach of grace?

The overall mood and feel of the dream was positive and calm though. I also had a better impression of this man after the dream. I might have had a wrong impression of him as a person.... And somehow it felt like he represented Jesus.

Anyhow, any thoughts?

Thanks alot.

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