2 Talking Cats, Me Preaching?? Eating A White Envelope Stuck In My Throat!

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2 Talking Cats, Me Preaching?? Eating A White Envelope Stuck In My Throat!

Post by sword&scepter on Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:35 pm

Dreamed that I was invited to speak at someone's church on the east coast. I had never spoken before as a preacher anyway. Taught youth classes one time and did some outreach but NEVER PREACHED nor have plans to................Anyway I began to read from the bible but don't recall what verses I read or taught on but I do remember telling them a story of me at friend or relative's home and her telling me "Oh I have a cat that I let out for a while sometimes. SO I hear scratching and meowing at the door, so I walk to it and see a big black & brown furry and rather ugly cat wanting to get in so I let it it in...... The ugly cat walked in and started talking and asked why did I make him knock so long cause he needed to get in to eat his food...........So I poured him a bowl of dried cat food and he started to eat. Then a really cute all white cat came close to me and began to talk and say "That's my food and I live here." My friend walked in and loudly asked why'd I let that raggedy cat in her kitchen , because he doesn't live there?" So I kicked the cat just like an NFL punter and he flew out the window and I the congregation began to laugh loudly and so did I. (I could here and feel myself laughing in my sleep.) I read a few more words and then turned it over to the pastor and other speakers. Next I was walking through an all white room with red marble carpet and saw members of the church in line along a wall waiting to go into another room for ministry I think/ I felt in my spirit that the Lord was leading me to lay my hands on a few people.... (I was a little unsure but just allowed Him to flow) I looked left and right along the line and touched certain individuals on the right side of their upper left biceps or shoulders, maybe about four or five out of 25 or 30 but that was all I felt led to do. Two of them fell out and another cried because I sensed they were sick Some of them looked at me rather irritated or disappointed that I didn't pick them. So I moved to the back of the room to wait on the pastoral staff and sat down. A few staff members came in to shake my hands and and sat in the chairs in front of me and around me. We were just sort of soaking with very little small talk then in came another staff member or speaker who I had saw out there she was a tall statuesque woman wearing a beautiful bright red dress. She said my name then came over to shake my hand and ask if she could pray with me. She stood between a row of chairs and placed her hand on my shoulder and began to slowly pray. Then the pastor walked in wearing an all black suit and gold turtleneck sweater he sat besides me and said a few amen's and spoke in tongues lightly......Someone handed me a white envelope that I opened up with my teeth and some of the paper was in my mouth and it seemed like it was in bits but swelling up and was kinda tedious to get out. The pastor placed his head on my left shoulder while still praying lightly and then he stopped while she continued to pray and others stuck their hands out towards me. All the while I was still getting the paper to come out of my mouth by bringing up saliva and getting it to come out. Then I woke up. Can anybody make sense of this?

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