Spider and Glasses

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Spider and Glasses

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:21 am

In this dream, I was at the grocery store. There was this spider, probably 2-3 inches across. It didn't have much body to it, and it had these slender, pointed legs - sorta like thicker needles. They were pointed at the ends, and the last 3rd of each leg was red - the rest of the spider was black. The thing was something to be cautious of. I watch it jump from the floor up to about eye-level of a normal-sized person.

At the store was a woman who used to work in retail when I did named Donna. I and someone else had sought her out within the store, and she was supposed to start her shift in this place. We found her, and we saw the spider. We told her to be careful of it. She didn't avoid it, and it jumped up onto her head. Then, it pushed her glasses off of her face. I don't believe it bit her or did anything other than that, but the fact that it did what it did made us concerned for Donna. We simply asked her if she was ok.

At some point, I may have handled the spider. I think that I looked at my hands and saw a couple tiny dots where it may have bit me. I didn't feel any pain, and I wasn't too worried about them.

*About Donna: I haven't seen or heard a thing about her in over 10 years. She had health issues when I worked in retail, and eventually retired due to them. I honestly don't even know if she's still alive. Otherwise, the only other Donna that I know of is my aunt.

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