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Cell Phone Hacker

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:10 am

I was at some event with my family. This was set in a hill. It reminded me of my old high school in that the parking lot was up high and the sports field was down a hill. The parking was set in a hill, though, so the closer you parked the closer your elevation was to the event. I pointed out a spot for us to park my mother's car that was the furthest away you could be, height-wise, but it also seemed to be a good spot.

We sat down for the event, also near the top of this hill. I watched an asian man and knew right away what he had done. This man had obtained my mother's cell phone. All of my family seemed to realize this, too. At first, this seemed innocent - like, if we made it known to him that we knew he had it, we thought he'd be embarrassed and return it. So, I used my cell phone to call my mother's. It rang, he realized that we knew, but he went off somewhere, intending to keep it. I felt he was some kind of hacker at this point.

I exited this event out an opening at the side of the hill and walked up a ways to where I expected to cut the guy off. He appeared with two big men, like his body guards. He was holding a computer keyboard in his hand, and I walked up to him and smashed it. He seemed indifferent to what I did, and I knew that was because he no longer needed it now that he had the cell phone. I don't believe I ever had to deal with the two guards, but somehow I got the cell phone back by some use of force - although whatever action I did didn't take place within the dream.

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