Schedule Being Worked Out

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Schedule Being Worked Out

Post by wiselisa58 on Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:25 am

So, last night I dreamed that I was back in nursing school and I was doing my clinical at the hospital. There was a lady who was making a schedule out. She was writing the times that everyone was supposed to show up. At first it was down that I was supposed to come in out 7:00. Then itís like she changed it so I could come in at 10. I could see her scratching out names and making adjustments. Iíve been praying over this dream hoping that I would get some type of insight of what a schedule could mean. Do schedules represent anything in dreams? Any ideas would be helpful, thanks.

I'm no longer in nursing school. Iím currently not working I am waiting on Godís timing for the job he has promised me.

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