A new wife in the form of two people I am familiar with?

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A new wife in the form of two people I am familiar with?

Post by sword&scepter on Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:00 pm

Good Afternoon everyone... I had a third dream of me having a wife. "???" This time the woman looked VERY Familiar, like a friend of mine. It's just that I am not interested in her and we may only communicate through facebook. That's it. Well in the dream I guess we were newly engaged in and talking about our life plans. Next her and I were riding in a horse carriage on a beautiful fall night through a city that's supposedly was Atlanta. "I don't like Atlanta." Anyway we were going through a very beautiful neighborhood and saw a woman in the small cemented yard of her business doing some sort of graphic design. Her paintings were SO beautiful.., just lot's of bright firery reds & oranges and a some yellows. She had them painted on lot's of square blocks and placed on a table and some hanging up like a mobile that spins around in the wind. We headed down a hill that showed the skyline and all of the buildings downtown as well as lot's of new housing developments that were painted in nice yellows and orange oil based tones. The buildings were well lit up and there was one that looked as if it was made in "Lighted Diamonds." Trust me: Atlanta does NOT look like this. Anyway I was holding her hands and making plans with her on where we'd live and what cities I could use my job skills in....... Lastly, while she looked like one friend her style of dress and spirit reminded me of another female friend that I'm not interested in. But I kinda felt at piece ..like the presence of God was there. Hmmmm....I wonder.

Anybody??  😉

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