Repost: Someone leaving books for me and one stood out.

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Repost: Someone leaving books for me and one stood out.

Post by steadygaze on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:52 am

Hello Beloved ones of the most high. I have a dream I could use help with.


I had this dream where I was talking with someone about a book. The next thing I know I am walking home and I live in this apartment on the ground floor.Iin the dream I do not live in this apartment in real life. Anyway as I go to my apartment there is like this electrical box deal being used as a stand and there are these potted plants in it and by the potted plants someone had placed two books and some m&m's. I thought wow this one book is the book I was just talking about with someone and they left it as a gift. The one book had like all these boards on the front cover. I cannot remember the name of the book when I woke up. lol
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