Didnt want to live there

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Didnt want to live there

Post by Brydie on Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:31 am

I was talking to a young boy who was sayinh nobody would want to come to his town to live, I said I liked the exotic plants and id nore than live to move there. It seemed a bit like a mission posting x I like the flowers there.
So I went to look 4 a place around town for my family to move there, but someone started taking me looking for a place but as we walked I began to get worried. The neighborhood turned more and more dangerous and filthy till eventually I was thi surely we aren't meAant to be staying here, I didnt even want to walk there and was happy we alnost ran through the most horrible part. We came into a nicer area without as many yucko things happening and went into a building, where it was obviously full but someone said I could have their room....I was happy until I saw that upon opening the door there was only a room as big as a telephone booth...I was thinking no not good I cant live here.. the dream ends with a basement apartment being available that was spacious and having enough room for everything even a vase .

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