The Mob Boss gives instructions to kill; man turns to faith...

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The Mob Boss gives instructions to kill; man turns to faith...

Post by Shan on Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:22 am

I dreamed I was at a gathering of friends, like a Bible study or something. Some of us who were upstairs got word that the Mob boss had sent one of his men to kill a particular person in the home. He likely would kill us all in order to not leave any witnesses. I had a friend exclaim, "Shannon, remember your dream about the mob boss? You said there was a secret room you hid in!" There was no room in reality, but there was an upstairs in the dream, so that part was correct. It came time for the guy to come upstairs, so all these people squeezed into a makeshift room that wasn't really hidden or secret. I was the last person to go to the room, but I couldn't get up. It was like I was stuck to the couch.

The guy came upstairs and I was exposed. I said hello to him and could see the gun he was carrying. He said something like, "Today is not your day." I asked if he was going to kill me and he indicated that he was. But then I recognized something about him. I started to prophesy boldly that he would be a great man of God and that he would influence millions and would be known all across the world. I saw how precious he was to the Lord. He started to break and he cried. He then said, "I always thought I wouldn't live to see my 30's." I was surprised because he looked to be in his 30's already.  I  then asked if he would like to know Jesus and he said that he would, so we prayed and he accepted Him. (This was the weird part. When I looked at him, I recognized him to already be this man of God. I even thought he already held this position, so I was a little confused.)

This man then asked what he needed to do. I told him that he needed to renounce whatever told him that he wouldn't live to be very old and that he had to leave the mob. I was so direct and firm with him and it was like he hung on to every word I said. It was like I gave him step-by-step instructions and I knew he would follow them. I told him God would forgive him for killing people, but that it may be necessary for him to go to prison. I asked him if he would be willing to go to prison and he said he wouldn't. I added that it was in God's hands and he may not have to go, I didn't really know God's plans regarding that. I was really gracious  and tender with him.

Next, all of us were praising God or reading His Word and I noticed this man mumbling something under his breath. I said, "Are you speaking in tongues?" He said, "yes." I jumped up and hugged him and said, "You were baptized in the Spirit too!" I explained what that was.

At some point we all ended up at my mom's house. There was a little girl there whose hand was withered with Leprosy. I was filled with faith due to what had just happened with the man, so I prayed for her hand and it started to grow back to normal. I started screaming and everyone came to see what had happened.When everyone found out they started chanting my name. I was very uncomfortable with this and shook my head "no." I wanted Jesus to get the credit. There were also a couple of people who said Jesus should get the credit, not me.

I wanted to tell my mom so badly all that had happened because I had never had a prophecy come forth so boldly before, especially to a non-Christian who turned to the faith because of it and DEFINITELY had never prayed and someone's hand grow back! I could never get a moment alone with her though and I was somewhat disappointed.

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Re: The Mob Boss gives instructions to kill; man turns to faith...

Post by steadygaze on Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:54 am

Wow this is a cool dream. Yes Lord use Shannon in a Mighty way and thanks for the increase on her life.

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