Fate Of The Muppets

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Fate Of The Muppets

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:10 am

I've had a couple other dreams lately about the Muppets. Within the dreams, they're my friends. They probably represent lost coworkers in real life...

This muppet dream had a very sad feel to it. I felt as though the group were all my friends. We were in this building that was both like a house and like my work. We had lost a couple of our friends (Muppets) in this place, and the rest were prepared to deal with the adversary that had taken the lost ones...except that they all knew that they couldn't defeat this thing, so it was a lost cause. I was not going to have to face the monster, though. Still, I felt so sad about what was to come.

This monster was a multi-tentacled demon. I don't remember that it had a face, or a body, but I remember the tentacles. I didn't see it face-to-face, but I knew what it looked like in my mind. It existed deep within the ground beneath this place. It didn't exist in a cave or tunnel in the ground - it was in the ground, unrestricted by the ground, itself. When the time came for it to make its way to the surface, it passed through physical barriers - like the earth and building - like it existed in a different realm. When it reached the surface, the Muppets were going to have to fight with it, but they all knew that they couldn't defeat it.

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