Picking Up My Brother

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Picking Up My Brother

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:47 am

My mother was with me in this dream. We had arrived at this place to pick up my younger brother. We took my car in the dream, but it wasn't my real life car. Now, this place that we had went to was something like a prison, but not exactly. It was filled with people who had commited some types of crimes - basically, a holding place for them, but I want to say that it was this rehabilitation-type place. You had to put your time in at this place - it was required as part of your sentence, but it still wasn't the jail, itself. There were people all around who had committed crimes, and I felt very uncomfortable there.

Now, my mother and I were there to pick my brother up. He had completed his time there, so we were going to bring him home. He had a LOT of belongings, and we filled the car with this stuff. While we were filling the car, I thought for a split-second that I owned a Jeep and that having that there instead of the car we had would have been better for transporting all this stuff.

My brother was being kind of obnoxious. He was running his mouth non-stop, and he wasn't really thinking about either of us - he just wanted to keep talking without any regard for what our thoughts were in relation to anything we said. It was story after story, opinion after opinion. I basically tuned him out since this wasn't a real conversation, it more like a download of his perspective on everything.

Before we left, we found that two other people were coming with us. One was this mobster guy, and with him was his wife, I assume. This was irritating since we had just filled the car with stuff. So, since they were going to be sitting in the back seat, my mother and I began transferring my brother's stuff to the trunk/hatchback. I thought to myself how I wish I had known this earlier so we could have placed his belongings in the trunk from the get-go. We finished up the task and I rode in the front passenger seat. My mother drove. I was glad to be on our way from that place.

*The last time I had a dream about being in a place with criminals, it was about going to a meeting at work related to our union contract negotiations months ago. Negotiations are done as of yesterday, and we're supposed to have a meeting today with a representative from our shift to hear what the proposed new contract is. I've already heard about it from the 3rd shift guy last night. I'll know after today, but I feel that this dream is probably about that meeting.


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