Unlocking and Opening Doors To Different Rooms

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Unlocking and Opening Doors To Different Rooms

Post by wiselisa58 on Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:06 pm

In my dream I was given 2 different choices. One choice was to stay and eat in the cafeteria. The other one was to leave and go get something to eat. Each choice had its own path. One led to the cafeteria and the other led you to your car. I decided that I would leave to get something to eat. Once I decided to take this path I realized I couldnít find my out. This man came along and I told him hey. Then I decided to ask him how to get out. He got a key and opened this door which led us to this room. Itís like he was doing his laundry or something. I started joking with him because I saw that his door knobs had tape on them, which helped kept the door close. I noticed that the door was slightly opened. So, I decided to open it and I walked out. I noticed two toilets. There was one on each end of the hall. I could hear this woman and kids talking. I kept walking and I enter this big room. Iím trying to find my way out. I notice this girl sitting on the bed talking on her phone. I turn around because I see there is no way out from her room. So, as Iím walking there is this open door leading me outdoors. I start walking down the steps. As I walk down the steps I see this white car. Once I see this white car I know exactly where Iím at. I start walking toward the car. Any ideas. Thanks in advance.


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