A Team Event and Wheelchair Woman

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A Team Event and Wheelchair Woman

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:41 am

I was with a large team of guys at some huge, multi-level facility to participate in a sporting event against many other teams from all over the place. We arrived at a place that was like a parking ramp. We left our vehicles and entered the facility. There was nothing in the dream about what the event was or what we were playing. The next thing I know is that we're all leaving the event and returning to our vehicles. We had a hard time finding them, and I seemed to be leading the way to where they actually were. I was offering suggestions as to where we should go, and some of the guys were supporting me to the rest of the team. They'd call me by name, saying, "I agree with Mark - let's do this or that."

On the way, we came across other teams. The only other part that stuck with me was that I saw a young woman, about my age, in a wheelchair. I was drawn to her, and when I got close to her I looked intently at her face. She looked at me as well, and I said something...but I don't know what it was. I felt that she was really important to me, somehow. I walked away with the rest of the team after this, and thoughts were running in my head like, "No one would understand why you picked her..." or something like that.

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