Cleaning Shoes and Life Insurance

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Cleaning Shoes and Life Insurance

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:31 am

I was in Target's parking lot. My cousin was there (as my boss), and it was like a group of us were meeting before work began. I felt like I was stuck working - like I had hoped to not have to work or something. We had a short shift meeting and headed toward the store. Now, I didn't work for Target - my group was something separate. We were only doing our work AT Target.

At the entrance, I sat outside the doors and began my task. I was washing some shoes in a bucket or basin. They seemed like my own shoes. A brown-haired woman about my age sat and watched me do this.

This woman's boss walked outside and told her that he wanted to speak to her before work. He said that he needed to ask her if she wanted to sign up for Life Insurance. He went back inside, and the woman got up to have this meeting. She and I had only spent this moment together, but it felt like we were closer than two people who had never met. She asked me for my opinion, saying, "Do I want Life Insurance?" I told her that she DOES want it, although I didn't get any opportunity to explain it to her. She walked away into the store, and I felt like she was in agreement with me. As she walked in, though, she said, "You should get it." I said, "I've already got it..." but I said it quietly and she was too far away to hear. When I responded that way, it was like I meant "What do you mean? Of course I have it." It kind of bothered me that she thought that I didn't have it, but at least she was going to get it for herself.

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