swimming in a kayak boat, no paddles

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swimming in a kayak boat, no paddles

Post by dd on Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:49 pm

So I had this dream last night and it was really weird. For the most part I was sitting in a kayak boat and had no paddles. Yet somehow I kept on moving. At one point I was in ocean. Then I got onto a river, went through different small streams. Then I saw a familiar sight, but was not sight. I asked someone (although I was alone?!) if the city I see in front is London. I got an answer that yes and I was very happy.

In this dream I saw my current business mentor with whom I was talking on his front porch in ocean front. The water was rising all the time.

I thought that it was another weird dream and ignored. UNTIL about an hour ago I realized that I forgot to pay a fee to be on a major business project. I totally freaked out. I am a week late and I just paid them and wrote a letter asking to accept me on this biz project. I wonder if this whole thing has something to do with this. I want to be on this project.

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