RED CHINA obstacle course...

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RED CHINA obstacle course...

Post by Shan on Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:27 pm

I dreamed I was going on a mission trip to China with other people. We were all on a bus when we crossed the border. There was a sudden hush and someone said, "You can tell we are in red China now." I noticed the flags and official buildings and steady soldiers with flat affects.

Next, I was in a van with only a few others, still making our way deeper into China. We got word that a major bridge was washed out and that we would have to drive over part of the ocean. I was in the back and the driver asked me to make sure I had my seatbelt on, which I did. We made a sudden decline and "boom," we were in the water along with a lot of other cars. It seemed effortless really, compared to what one would think. We were then with the rest of our party and we made two separate human chains across the water. I was face-to-face with a young girl and I noticed we all had matching white T-shirts with a blue logo on the right shoulder that said, Faithworks. We then had to make our way through this obstacle course. You had to climb up several steps that were somewhat submerged, which I found to be surprisingly easy. Then there were two sets of diving boards, two high and two low. It was your choice. Some people jumped off the high-dive, but I was too chicken and chose the shorter ones, but I made it anyway. EOD
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