Not A Snow Day - Long!

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Not A Snow Day - Long!

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:19 am

I was at a house where I was living with my parents. All of us kids were still living there because we were still in school. I was in high school. Now, this house didn't look like any single house that I've lived in throughout my childhood, but parts of it did remind me of some of them. I had a bedroom in the basement, for instance, and that's been the case in the last two childhood homes that I lived in.

The dream begins with me leaving my bedroom and walking upstairs to find my family - and my extended family - gathered in the living room or kitchen. There was some kind of party going on. It felt a bit like a Superbowl Party, I guess, although the reason for the get-together was never shown in the dream. There were a few people in the mix that I didn't know. It was like they were friends of my parents or my aunts. These people also brought some of their children with them, all of which were unfamiliar to me.

Now, it was early in the day, and I was planning on going to school. I wondered about the children who were present and when they'd be going to school, and I learned that it had been cancelled due to all the snow that had fallen overnight. I felt a combination of disappointment and uncertainty about this news - I had planned to go to school, and I wasn't so sure that we had gotten THAT much snow. I walked over to my stepbrother who was sitting on a couch with my other siblings nearby and asked him about the cancellation of school. To my surprise, he told me that only the Elementary schools were cancelled and that Middle schools and High schools were still scheduled! I was shocked, but he (and my other siblings) seemed to disregard the importance of going to school, so they weren't about to go, themselves. This frustrated me as I had intended to go all along, but I had made some assumptions about the circumstances: I assumed it was cancelled for everyone from the detail of elementary kids' school being cancelled; I expected my parents to have informed me that my school wasn't cancelled; I expected to find my siblings placing the same value on attending that I apparently had, so I had taken a cue from their not getting ready for it that it was cancelled for me. With that, I stormed out of the house and jumped into my (not real life) car and headed on my way to school.

On the way there, I found that one of the children who had been at my home had gotten into the back seat of my car. Now I was quite frustrated at the situation since I had to turn around and take this child back home. There was no way around this - I felt like it was a duty I needed to do to return someone else's child to them, even though I was not the negligent parent who wasn't watching what their child had been doing. I was very concerned for the child's safety, so I brought him up to the front seat and held him next to me while I drove. This seemed to be the safest thing for the child.

There had been snowfall, so on the way back home I was being especially careful while driving. There were to things that stood out on the drive back. First, I was in a left-turn lane at an intersection, preparing to turn left. When I was about to go, another car came up beside me on the left. I was surprised at this as this would have been the lane for oncoming traffic. I delayed my turn for a moment to allow this reckless person the chance to go first. Second, I reached a place that seemed like a familiar street in my town, but it was very exaggerated in the dream. It's a road that slopes downward quite a bit, but it was extreme in the dream. As I prepared to drive down the hill, I saw that there was someone who had placed their car in the middle of the road at the bottom of the slope. There was also a child playing in the road near the car. The driver, the car, and the child were connected to each other, although I don't believe the driver was the parent of the child. When I saw this, I knew that I needed to make a decision to skillfully avoid the car in the road - either by going around it to the right or to the left. I want to say that I chose the left side, although that wouldn't make sense in real life. After avoiding them, I believe that I chewed out the adult and child for playing around in such a dangerous place.

I finally made it back home. I let the child go when I was inside. The party seemed to have died down since I left. When I returned, I found that everyone had been smoking pot while I was gone! I was filled with disappointment for everyone about this. I remember looking at a clock and seeing that it was now 2:30 in the afternoon, and I knew that I had left the house around 8:00. There was no saving the school day, now. Somehow this trip had also left me looking dishevelled - my shirt was untucked on one side, and some of the buttons were undone. My mom made some comment, basically asking me why I looked upset. Since everyone was being so irresponsible (plus, they were all under the influence of drugs at this point), I decided it wasn't worth it to explain why missing school was so important. Thoughts ran through my mind about how I would now be a day behind on schoolwork. I headed to the stairs to go to my room.

The stairs were big/wide, like you'd find in a public building. They decended down to a landing and then turned around and decended again. I made my way downstairs, quickly, skipping steps along the way. I was in a hurry to create some distance between me and anyone who would try to follow me. I made it to my room and went to shut the door behind me. There were two doors - one that was like a screen door and then another, solid door. The screen door was flimsy, and I had difficulty closing it by the end of the dream.

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