Shock collar found in Leo's cage

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Shock collar found in Leo's cage

Post by Amanda Renee on Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:18 am

Help......In real life, I let my dog outside. She was wearing a yellow shock collar due to an invisible fence we had installed in our land b/c 2 of our dogs were poisoned with Antifreeze. Both survived...Glory to God. The collar cost $275.00 a piece. When she returned to the front door and we let her inside; she had no collar on. We have searched and searched. I asked the Holy Spirit to show me where her collar is............

I had this dream:

My husband walked up to me and sat down and in his hand was the yellow shock collar. I asked him, "Where did you find it (very excitedly)?

He responded: "It was in Leo's cage"!


Look, we have searched high and low: Inside and outside. It did not just disappear like "poof".

Does anyone have any insight into this and yes, I have also thought that perhaps this dream had nothing to do with the collar and is something else entirely. I am open minded into any insight one might have. I am stumped.

Thank you all.....

Amanda Renee

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