Two Spiders

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Two Spiders

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:19 pm

This isn't my own dream, first off. And, it's already manifested. I just wanted to share this little bit of excitement with others.

So, the coworker that I've shared dreams with in the past decided to tell me his girlfriend's dream. This took place two days ago and in front of a few other employees at the picnic table before work. I felt a little bit put on the spot, but the thing is that I remember that I had been asking God for opportunities like, before he began, I quickly prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to give me words to say if He had anything to say on the dream that I was about to hear.

Well, in this girl's dream, she was around someone that looked similar to her nephew. He's just a little kid, I guess. In the dream, he was bit by a spider on his foot - I can't remember which one, left or right. She saw the spider and said in the dream that it was a Brown Recluse, which is truly what it looked like. She and some others ended up taking the kid to the doctor. They were concerned for the kid, but the kid ended up being just fine in the end.

Then, she was outside wherever they were at, and she saw a large spider - I think it was the size of her hand. She said it had a human face. It also bit her, but she, too, ended up being just fine.

So, that's the dream. I was a little uncomfortable with extra ears all around, but I told him that I believed that the nephew's spider bite was literal. I said that it may not be from that specific spider from the dream, and that it may not even be her literal nephew. In fact, I said that it probably wouldn't be. I felt so confident that the spider bite was literal, though. I also told him that I felt that the first spider bite was more to identify that the dream was taking place - a time marker, you know? I told him that she should watch for the event of the spider bite and then be ready for her own spider.

I went on to say that her spider bite isn't a literal one. I said that I felt it represented a threat - and that it'd be from people or a person. She'd be bit, so I didn't think she'd avoid the incident. I also said that I wasn't all that concerned about it, because she was ok in the end. And so I left it at that.

The next day, I asked him if he had heard anything about a spider bite from his girlfriend, which he hadn't.

Today (the following day), I was driving to work and thinking of that dream. I actually asked God to let it happen. I mean, I don't want to see people get hurt, but I felt like I knew the outcome of whatever it'd be, and so I ended up asking God to not let me be put to shame for taking a stand by commenting on the dream. The coworker knows that I believe this comes from God, so it's not like I wanted to "be something" in his eyes. I want to have these opportunities to point others to the Lord...

The guy stopped me before work to say that it wasn't literally her nephew (which we knew). His girlfriend is in an assisted care-type job, and one of the people that she cares for was bit on the same foot as the child in the dream. So, I asked him if she also recognized what the threat was against her. She has some coworkers that have been causing trouble for her, I guess, and so they're going to have a meeting in a day or so. What was interesting to me (and him) about all this was that he had simply asked her about her day last night and she told him the events of the day...and didn't even make the connection of the spider bites to the dream! However, he DID make the connection, and was laughing by the end of her story because she couldn't see it. Then, he pointed it out to her, and I guess she was pretty amazed at seeing her dream fit what happened in real life.

Anyway, it was really encouraging to have the follow-up. At least one of the other people who heard me interpret a few days ago was present for hearing the manifestation, and he couldn't help but notice that the dream and its real-life meaning fit so well.

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