Repost of dream

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Repost of dream

Post by trinada on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:58 am

I had a dream that I was inside a large stairwell of this building. At first it appeared to be a circus of some sort but the only animals I saw were elephants in a cage. We are in the stair section of this building. Why do I only see stairs? We are all going upward and someone is letting the elephants out a few at a time and then closing the cage door. The elephants have some type of crown around their heads. There are so many people and all of a sudden I strongly sense that the building is going to collapse and then I quickly run down the
stairs. When I make it outside I tell the people waiting outside that the building is going to collapse. I then remember that my younger grand had gone closer to see and I feel bad that I ran out and left her, but I donít remember her until I am outside the building. I begin to call her parents and then decide not to call, what am I going to tell them? I donít want them to worry until I know for sure where she is and if she ok.

My dream then switches and I am at a house (not my current house) and I am waking up and I remember what had happened earlier and my now granddaughterís parents are here in the house with me and I call out to my son and asks him if he can watch the little girl that I babysit for while I make a run. Still unable to tell them what has happened, I tell him to tell the father of the little girl I watch that I had to leave. Now in this part of the dream I am not sure if my granddaughter is at school or is still at the building (which earlier was going to collapse).

I wonder how I let so much time go by and I why I had I gone to sleep. I begin to pray that she is alright. I pray that no one has hurt her. I wake up and realized that it was just a dream and I am so relieved. End of this dream.
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Re: Repost of dream

Post by LadyonFire 217 on Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:02 pm

The thought that comes to me is that "elephants never forget".
Could it be that there is or are some memories that are trying to rule (the crown on the elephants head) your life?
Is it possible that being ruled by these memories causes you to feel like your life is a circus at times?
What does your granddaughter symbolize to you?

Just some thoughts and questions that came to my mind.

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