Hair breaking off; middle school football...

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Hair breaking off; middle school football...

Post by Shan on Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:29 pm

I didn't think much about this dream, but it has stuck with me all day so I feel I need to post it.

I dreamed that I was with my mom and I ran my fingers across the ends of my hair and about 2" came off in my hand. I was horrified and shocked! Then I did the same thing to the other side of my hair and the same thing happened again. I was upset, but then thought that having hair shorter on the sides and longer in the back is kind of in style so I went with it. Then I asked my mom to do the same to her hair to see if her hair would come off. It did. I think this may have something to do with the fact that my hair texture is similar to hers. I kind of blame her for my thin hair (in a fun way.)

The next thing we were doing was we were at a football game for middle schoolers with my mom's best friend and her daughter. We don't know anyone in middle school, so I said out loud, "Why are we even here? I could care less about middle school football." Then my mom's friend's daughter said, "There's no place I'd rather be." I felt bad about my comment because I could have just made the decision to enjoy it. I didn't say anything after that. I think we stayed for the game.
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