Repost: Hanging out with my pastor and a room that moves within a room.

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Repost: Hanging out with my pastor and a room that moves within a room.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Aug 23, 2013 9:33 pm

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Hanging out with my pastor and a room that moves within a room.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:22 am
Hello blessed ones of God! I had a dream I just need to confirmation.


I was with my pastor and his family. We went to the store together and as I step out of the car, another car comes driving fast and literally almost runs over my toes. I got upset and yelled at the driver because I was so mad. My pastor says, you want to start an argument with the guy as if I wanted to egg on an argument. I was a bit surprised he would say that because I am not like that. Then the next thing I know we are back at my pastors house and I am amazed at how big his house is. My pastors house is like a mansion. I go into one of the daughters room to check it out. It is weird, I step into this beautiful child's room. As I am in the room the room begins to move and I am like, whow what just happened? what It was like the room was within the room shaped like a box and I was in that box room that seemed to be moving around. So I knew I had to realign the box room with the room because that was the way I found it until I climbed in it so, I had to jump up and down to move it around kind of like a Then I met my pastor and his family outside at a picnic table. We were all talking and sharing and my pastors says that he is going to go to one of the places in the nations where I had ministered at like years previous.( (I cannot remember the nation when I woke up or the ministry I was with.) I Was so excited for him. I thought wow it is about time that he gets on board. He said, I am going in November or December 2015 or something like that and I said," Oh that is a year from now."
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