wierd combination of events and symbols

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wierd combination of events and symbols

Post by nringkamp on Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:23 pm

i was walking along the road along a canal with my children and a stranger pulling a rubber band off my lips as it grew larger and out of my mouth never ending. I had a new beautiful home on top of a mountian and still living next door to the man I love, but not with, as I am now and needed to stop for him to help me. He is my best friend. My inherited daughter was my landlord; but my house was the only on the top of the mountian. Another friend had given her the land. I also watched a soap opera where at first it was my now deceased parents and me as a child starring then when I went to reshow it to my kids it was only me. When I went to show my new home, it grew in size and then there was an extra bedroom. Someone had to point out to me that it did grow and I thought what a wonderful place for children to play. I am past the child bearing age, but my best friend has three young children.

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