In school Heidi Baker upset w/me and trying to find a blue shirt.

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In school Heidi Baker upset w/me and trying to find a blue shirt.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:38 am

Hello and blessings beloved ones.


I was at a Leaders ministry school and I was washing dishes in the cafeteria. As I was washing dishes I accidentally dropped a book in the water and pulled it out real quick it did not get that wet.We Heidi Baker was there and saw me drop it and she got real mad at me for dropping the book in the water and I am like why the heck would she get mad, it hardly got wet.scratching chin She was telling me something like I am careless ect. I must say I was surprised this was out of character for her. The next scene she was doing a conference at the school but it seemed dark like a dance at a bar and I am like, I do not want to blend in with this crowed I, want to stand out from everyone else I want Heidi to see me because I am not like everyone else. So I am with a friend someone who I knew in the dream but do not know in real life. We go to the store and I am trying on baby blue shirts but none of them seem to fit they are all to small. I am like, it is limited here and I cannot find what I need.

End of dream
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