Cougar On My Street

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Cougar On My Street

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:59 am

I'm on the sidewalk near my house. It's night. In the garage next to my property is my neighbor-lady. She's got the lights on inside and is working on something, but I don't really know what she's busy with. I see her, but she doesn't see me. I move on toward my house before any interaction takes place.

In my driveway, I suddenly find my niece to be with me. I look down the street to an intersection a block or two away. From the light from the streetlight, I can see a large cougar crossing the street at that intersection. I know that it's going to come this way.

I have to make a split-second decision because I know this thing is going to arrive, quickly. I can either enter the house or get in my car - either are places where I would be safe. Ideally, I'd want to be in the house. However, because it's dark, I know that I may choose the wrong key in the poor lighting and not be able to enter on the first try. In real life, I have three identical keys on my keyring where one of them is the house key. Even in the dark, I'm usually very good at seeing the slight wear on the key for the house...but, sometimes I can't and I pick the wrong one. In the dream, it was this uncertainty that couldn't be gambled - I just wouldn't have the time to make a mistake, and with my niece there with me, I couldn't take any risks. So...I chose to take shelter in the car since I could unlock it with the keyless entry.

This choice was made in an instant, and I told my niece to get in the car. She dawdled and didn't react to the emergency at hand. So, I repeated myself with a stern voice, but she responded the same way. I went on to include a curse word in my third attempt. Since I don't speak this way, I expected the shock of it to convey how urgent this was. Nope. So, I grabbed her and forced her into the car through the passenger side. There was no time for me to go around to the driver's side - I entered through the same door. Then, I reprimanded her once we were safe in the car, explaining all the ways that I tried to get my point across to her. She seemed to understand and was sorry.

Now I'm in the driver's seat. I look out the window next to me and see my neighbor and one of my aunts. It seems like they want to talk to me, but I know that whatever they want to talk about isn't important, and I'm not getting out of this car with that cougar nearby. They weren't in any danger, but I and my niece would be. Somehow, they were separated from the cougar situation.

While I'm in the car, I'm thinking about how to make it into the house. My niece and I must be hungry, because we're thinking about eating pizza inside the house, which sounds good to us in the dream. We make the decision to head for the house when the cougar isn't in sight.

The next part is a quick blur. We hurry to the front door. Lights are on inside my house. Even outside, I know that it's warm and safe inside the place. We get the front door open and make it inside...with the cougar entering with us. However, this is not the same cougar that I saw down the street. This is a very young one. It's much smaller than an adult. It was full of energy and seemed most interested in running around as fast as it could. It had entered my house in this state of excitement - but, it was still a danger and needed to be removed if possible. When it entered, it ran a few feet across the living room and turned around to run back toward me - and the door. I opened the door as it was in a full sprint, and since it wanted to continue running, it ran out the door. I closed and locked the door behind it.

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