Prospective new house

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Prospective new house

Post by rosebush on Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:47 pm


In this dream I'm a checking out a house that I plan to move into.  Taking a tour.  I know my son Matthew is with me -- can't remember the other kids, but seems like from years past and son is like a child again (oh thank you Lord!!).  I remember being in the back, it was almost like a long trailer -- nothing fancy.  The colors of browns, orange and greens seem prevalent.  I entered into the back bedroom but was quickly told the owner's stuff was still in there, and it was.  There were several king sized beds and lots of what looked like expensive but maybe gaudy looking art pieces.  I quickly left.  Then saw a wooden stage, where performing arts could be done.  I knew that they had built this.  Walking back I noticed there were many extra rooms where people could stay.  Back up front I see there is just so much more extra rooms/space than I could have imagined.  Looks like an elevator back there and I see a metal dolly for moving things, so almost like a warehouse.  I run into the previous owners who are a couple, very tall. Dressed like wealthy people -- she is blonde, full figured, wearing a dress/heels, fancy coat and jewelry.  He is tall, dark, kind maybe.  She is taken back when she sees me, cause I wouldn't fit into that sort of lifestyle at all.  I speak with them and discuss.  It seems like a doable transaction is in the making.  Then I am back sitting up front in what seems like a waiting room, just looking around at the sights.  

Nothing lovely about this house at all really naturally speaking, but I am excited anyway, especially about the functional aspects of the house's usability.  

I'm not really planning a move in the natural, though that is not improbable.  This almost might be a picture though of what things were like when I moved into the house where I now live, some 15 years ago.  

Thanks for reading!  
GBU -- Rose:flowerpower:

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Re: Prospective new house

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:41 pm

Hi, Rose -

Are there any areas of your life where you're looking to move into something new? What about actual physical buildings, say, for moving a church into...just as an example.

And the interaction with the owners in your dream seems like it may be important: "She is taken back when she sees me, cause I wouldn't fit into that sort of lifestyle at all..." Where have you faced that kind of response and had feelings that would fit that?

Just throwing out some thoughts.


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