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Troubled Visitors

Post by rosebush on Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:02 pm

This is strange, but I had 2 dreams in succession, 1 day apart.  In the second dream I was made aware that it was pertaining to the dream I had the previous day.  

Dream 1:  

I was in the basement of my family's home, sitting right where the piano used to be in the family recreation room.  I was on a computer though.  In the dream I was searching for a man, like as in a boyfriend for a relationship.  The screen was stuck though like in between frames and I never could see anything but just like one of those fill-in profiles for no photo.  My son Matthew was seated in a chair behind and to the right of me.  He was agitated.  In the dream I knew he would be angry that I was searching for a man.  He said something irritating and I told him -- you are just like your father!  He stormed out and went out to the back patio.  I could see him through the windows walking.  

Next scene I was in my aunt Pat's house.  There were a bunch of biker type people out on the front lawn.  I headed out to take care of a situation with one of the bikers and had to tell him to leave.  I spot a naked woman out there and I am very concerned for her.  My intention is to go inside and get a blanket to cover her up.  Near the entry door there is a woman I recognize in the dream as a friend, but don't recall when I awaken.  She has a small girl like a sister with her and seems to want to protect, saying that eventually the girl will be abused (thinking meaning sexual abuse).  I am interrupted by 2 bikers who are heading up to the front door.  They want in to see son Matthew, but then they ask if their friends named "elbows" and "enters" are in the basement with son.  I turn to go check and at the same time realize I should have shut and locked the front door, cause now I see the 2 men just coming right in anyway.  Dream ends.  


I am again in my aunt Pat's house.  I have the care of 2 really rowdy type boys.  I am made aware in this dream that it is a continuation of the previous day's dream. The boys are out of control and in the dream I am restricting them from going any further into the living room or bedrooms, as in I've drawn a line.  Next thing I know there is a woman (Nancy Peabody) I know here from town at the front porch who has come to pick up her grandsons and she is so happy.  I tell her they are not bad boys but just very, very active.  

Then I head back into the house as I am finding toys and items left behind by my children.  One specifically is a rollerblade skate that I find in a closet next to another piece of footwear, but there is no match to this rollerblade belonging to my son Zackary.


Don't feel bad if this dream is really confusing.  I am involved in a ministry situation where both women have dissociative identity disorder (multiple) and I believe I am in the place of the caregiver woman in the 2 previous dreams, possibly to help me understand it all.  Boy has this been confusing!  

IRL one very sick woman is trying to care for another very sick woman in a caregiving type situation.

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