sister's dream

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sister's dream

Post by eebuddy on Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:40 am

my sister fell asleep one nite and "when she woke up" she was on a moutain - it was that real - she was thinking "what has happened - how in the world did I get here." She said she felt panicked until she realized how absolutely breathtaking the scenery was and started to look at the beauty surrounding here. She said the wind started to blow and then she started to float upwards - she then said the thought came to her that she might be dead so she started to say, "I am coming Jesus, I am coming." Suddenly she thought of her family, and she said, "I am sorry Lord, I can't leave my family" at which point she fell back down to the earth -

This is my first post - I just "found your site" while looking for a meaning of an object in a dream I had - but this dream of my sister's has always puzzled me. She is a wonderful Christian girl.

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