church, annointing, strange...

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church, annointing, strange...

Post by angelabraham on Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:59 pm

I was in a church sitting with other women. minister ealked up told me i was more announted than anyone there and to move.....i had to join others who where annointed like me. i ended up going to the back of the church to a stretcy door...climbed underneath it...there i saw my ex, he was sitting at a table. he was looking at me smiling. i thought to myself he looked younger and handsome. he had a glow on hi face and exuberated peace. i felt the peace even after I awakenef fr dream. There was a woman with a large behind standing up on the other side of the table he was sitting at. at first she eas nice to me but then became angry at me. she had a black streak going down her face. shw walked off and I asked about him being a cheater...he said he had ten others beside her. i looked to see if she heard him. she was entering restroom. later I saw him walking in front of her, she was tagging behind him.

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