1/4/2008 New Year Dreams about myself!

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1/4/2008 New Year Dreams about myself!

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Sun Jan 04, 2009 4:25 pm

Dream #1:
Had a dream where I saw my younger sibling on a computer looking at her facebook page. My sister was looking at my ex's page (which he had gotten back online for the first time since he was married). I saw a picture of my ex and his wife smiling and hugged up on eachother (my ex was sitting down and his wife--with a new style {straight hairstyle with a bang}--was holding him/resting her arms around his neck--her head resting on top of his head--they both seemed genuinely happy. For some reason, even though I was happy for my ex, I just didn't want to "look" at that picture.

1/4/2008- just an hour ago, I saw a picture in the recent Obama cover issue of Essence Magazine--Michelle was standing right behind her husband (he sitting down) and her hair in a straight style--they both were "cheesing"

Dream #2:
In a room with my pastor and his "right hand man" and his wife (IRL are close with the family and take over when my pastor and his wife aren't present). Inside the room, on a screen saver, I kept seeing words written about my personal life and this guy whom likes me in real life. I was hoping that noone saw this very "private info"--I tried to get everyone attention away from the computer. My pastor for some reason was looking a little perturbed and the "right hand man's wife" was sitting down at a table and threw me a piece of ham/canadian bacon. I was confused at why she threw me some meat (which was a little bitten off!! lol! )

I don't know about this one guys!
Thanks for your help
Desiree (Starpop)
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