Dream of Jesus and new born baby

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Dream of Jesus and new born baby

Post by ManofValor20 on Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:26 pm

Hi everyone,

I had a dream a couple days ago and I would just like your opinion on it.

I was outside playing with some children and there was this huge hill that one of the children had ran down but upon closer view it was actually a mountain and the child fell all the way down and presumably died.
Now I went chasing after the child and I myself fell down and as I fell instead of dying I fell on a ledge. So I was standing on the cleft on this mountain rock and behind me was a cage which had stairs going up, at which point I walked up and then the weirdness ensued.
I started falling into this trance where I felt I was conscious but yet felt like my soil was getting pulled out my body, I'm sure a lot of people understand what I mean. Now all of a sudden this started happening and my mind was spinning around like I was in a whirlwind and the tree started walking and talking to me, and I thought I was going crazy, at which point I saw Jesus standing in front of me, as I was on the floor and He put His hand out to pick me up. I was taking into His perfect eyes I saw rain ,sleet,snow,fire aswel as every season we have summer,spring etc. all of this inside His eyes. And then we started walking and I was shown a new body baby, not sure one of age to be able to sit and hold its own body up, sitting in a birds nest in a tree but the nest was full of water up to the babies neck. Then a dove came and dropped next to the Baby and started feeding the baby the regurgitated food from its mouth, aswel as drinking the water that the baby was emerged In which resulted in the water going down.
Then I woke up because this trance kept trying to suck me out and I had to jump out of the dream.

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