dream about a hallway, a long coat thrown over me a man I dream of for 2 yrs now please help

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dream about a hallway, a long coat thrown over me a man I dream of for 2 yrs now please help

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:48 pm

kiss I had a dream on 12/31/08 the last dream for 2008. In this dream I can remember someone (I think a woman) throwing a long coat over me I think it was dark grey look more like a trench coat...... I know it was a very long coat thrown over me. Then I find myself in a hallway. In the hallway I remember seeing white hallway. I was sitting down maybe on a barstool not sure I could not see the chair but I know I was sitting up and there was lady who I dont know she was standing next to me and someone else on the other side of me too, and I remember talking and smiling, but the strange part is I can literaly hear and feel on my face while I was smiling and talking while I was dreaming. Sort of like a out of body experience.

(It was look like something was white covering my clothes Look like a white cape the hairstylist put on you when you are getting your hair done. While still dreaming In the back of me there was classroom and a man who I dreamed about for 2 years up until recently he was in the classroom sitting in the back seat. He was sitiing in the back seat at the table or desk right next to the open classroom door . He was looking out of the classroom door at me.(I think I was facing the other way I cant remeber IF I turned and looked at him or he was looking and my back was turned.) He was not sad nor happy it was a calm face. I could not see the whole classroom. I only saw where he was sitting only the portion where he was sitting in the class and the open door which allowed him to see me out in the hallway. I had a good feeling about the dream

P.S. The lord told me this is my husband about maybe 1 year ago, I have been dreaming of him for a while. I know who he is .Alvin and I we use to date but we made a wrong turn. We havent been to gether since.
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