What was God revealing to me about relationships?

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What was God revealing to me about relationships?

Post by naidreamer on Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:13 am

Before I went to bed the other night I asked God to reveal to me, thru my dream, where I stand regarding relationships. Well the following is the dream I had:

I was attending a church I used to go to and the worship leader was pointing out certain women in the congregation that were in new relationships. She was kind of poking fun at them b/c initially they were lacking faith that God would send them a man. In fact, one of the women was engaged. I remember her specifically although while sitting in the congregation everything seemed like a blur - my vision was blurred. I was getting rather annoyed b/c I could barely see. Anyway, the worship leader was actually a woman who never attended the church in real life but was actually a speaker at a Women's Conference I attended a few months ago. I remember her using the scripture Jeremiah 29:11 (for surely I know the plans I have for you, sayeth the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to bring you a future of hope) as a topic for her sermon (in real life, not the dream). Anyway, the actual Bishop (male) of the church stood in the back while the worship leader conducted the first part of service (in the dream).

Before the actual word was spoken I decided to leave the church and go to the mall. I went to NY&Co to shop for clothes. While I was shopping a good friend of mine showed up and asked me to wait for her. She was taking forever (which is just like her in real life, lol) and I started to get anxious b/c I actually wanted to go back to church to hear the morning message, as somehow I knew the message would be about 'relationships.' Before I knew it, my friend's husband was in the store and then eventually my mother. My friend's husband asked me if I was hungry and I replied, "yes." However, I was even more anxious now to get back b/c I wanted to hear the message and then eat at the church. It turned out that the dream ended with me never going back to the church. I was so disappointed. I could actually feel myself getting frustrated in the dream as an onlooker as opposed to a subject matter. In fact, when I woke up I carried those feelings of frustration with me; "Why didn't I just go back to church without my friend?" "Why didn't I just listen to the message?" "Why did I have to get up in the first place?" Nonetheless, I know there is a reason why all of this happened but I can't interpret its meaning. Can anyone help me out?

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