Me as a child 3 times in the dream refusing to let me into house Den Mark

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Me as a child 3 times in the dream refusing to let me into house Den Mark

Post by gordie1 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:56 am

Hi there I dreamt that as a child my mother was taking me to the doctors in a car for a medical appointment but as she took me as a child she told me to let myself into the house and dropped me off. There was another child that was definetly me as a child would not let me in the house I was very upset and this child that was me would not let me in, eventually he did. We were standing in the kitchen the 2 children that were me and then my mother appeared with the 3rd me as a child and this child that had been at the doctors said that North Korea was going to send a nuclear bomb to Denmark and kept on repeating the words Den and then Mark very confusing but I think there is something from God in this.

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Re: Me as a child 3 times in the dream refusing to let me into house Den Mark

Post by rosebush on Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:41 pm

Hello Gordie1 --

This looks like a dream foretelling of healing. Seems fear related with the child self not allowing you entry. Though the mother (Holy Spirit) drops you off here and doesn't seem to go with you, she is again seen inside the home when you see the 3rd child self; her guiding presence is assured. I think it would indicate something you will need to take initiative to face. The child who has visited the Great Physician has a knowing of the healing process that is to come.

I see the 1st child as that courageous part of you on the journey to wholeness, the 2nd child in need of healing that finally relents, and the 3rd child as wisdom to trust the father and knows the end will be good.

Denmark may be indicative of the mark, as in hitting the mark. North Korea being a world force of fear, oppression and control may indicate the principalities and powers that will try and prevent you from your healing goal of freedom in Christ.

So dream seems a warning also of some powerful emotional forces ahead that will try to dissuade you, but the 3 children together, plus the visit to the Great Physician and the presence of the mother, would speak of the victory that has already been won for you. Amen!

May the Lord's love be poured out in abundance to you always!
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