Time for a shower

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Time for a shower

Post by tjw on Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:12 pm

I dreamed this morning this:
I was preparing to take a shower in a school like setting. There were others I had to compete with to get my own shower stall. I went about gathering up my supplies to use in the shower such as a shower cap, towels etc. Some of my supplies were a bit ragged not the best in quality but I had to use what I could find. Unfortunately by the time I was ready all the stalls were taken. I set out down a long hallway to get to something like a principal's office. I went in and asked the ladies there if I could use the available shower stalls they had as there were some inside their office. The office ladies said no that none were available. I was disappointed and left out closing the door behind me. As I turned to leave down the hallway one of the ladies stepped out and quietly gestured to me by winking her eye and pointing to a closed door nearby. At first I was puzzled as to what she meant but went and opened the door and to my delight was a brand new private bathroom with shower. It was so new I could smell the fresh paint on the walls. I was happy I had the place all to myself and proceeded to lock the door so that I could have my shower....
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