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(Please excuse my English)

This was a dream my husband had.  2 months thereafter, I had a strange experience!

“I dreamed that my wife and I are at a place where we are looking for treasures. She has something that looked like a long white woody object (stick) that she have in her left hand. It have a hole on the side where you look through with your left eye, as you do this you can see signs on the walls that you cannot see with the naked eye. I know that she found three treasures and it was very valuable.
We went on and I found two more treasure. One of the treasures I got was in a flat oblong box. I opened it and the contents looked like tickets that are very tightly packed. The tickets had signs on it that looked like hieroglyphics. When I took it out of the box it looked like a rolled up measuring tape and there was yellow stripes and numbers on it. I can remember the number 5. I thought to myself that the Egyptians attached great value to measurements.

My wife, who is still walking with the "stick" looked for more treasures but could not find any more. I told her that treasures are always in pairs of three, so I took the “stick” and start looking myself. From a distance, I saw something that looked like a white line. I came to a triangular plot, which was partially fitted with a wire fence.  I saw the white line against a concrete wall in the far corner of the plot. On the concrete wall was a creeper (plant). I climbed over the wall and saw a big flat point screwdriver.  The handle was red with a black/gray cap.  The black point indicated to me that it was a screwdriver with a magnetic point.  I thought it was a nice screwdriver and took it. I saw a field. The field was in very good condition, no weed ect.  From the field I saw a man and his son. They walk towards me and apologizes for what they did to me. Suddenly my brother appeared from somewhere and told the man that he had already apologizes on his behalf. I told the man that I am no longer angry and forgive him. I told him about the screwdriver and gave it to him as a gift. I noticed that the man had a basket in his hand. He also had a screwdriver that matches exactly the one that I found; only it was a star point.

I climbed back over the wall to my wife on the other side. We walked (I somehow know where to go next) and came to a very large stone building Inside the building. I went straight to a stack of hay. I walked around it and stand before a stonewall. I looked through the "stick" and saw a sign.  It glowed like all the others (looked like a shell). I pushed on the sign and the wall parted so that we could walk through it.  Very carefully we walked inside the room and suddenly we saw the biggest "treasure" we have ever seen.  It shines like nothing I have ever seen before. There was gold, gemstones, jewelry ect.  At that moment, I felt that everything is going to be all right “

My experience 2 months thereafter
I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom. While returning I clearly hurt a voice speaking to me; just saying the word “treasure”. When I was returning to my bed, I experienced a presence in the room. I prayed for a while, and while praying I clearly felt how something was placed in my hands (both). I can only describe it like a wooden stick.  Long after the occurrence I was reminded of the dream that my  husband had. Although the above-mentioned dream was very strange I was did not gave it much thought.  I never thought that I would actually receive the “stick” in my hands.
So what is the meaning of the dream and the experience???  Is the gifts spiritual gifts? What is the connection between the dream and experience?

Maybe I must just tell you guys about a spiritual experience I had in September 2010.  Again, during the early hours of the morning, while praying, I felt a presence in my room. I dosed of and suddenly I saw a man entering my room. He was dressed in a white robe. I saw everything about him. He stand at the one corner of my bed.  Next thing I know He is standing at my side of the bed. He took my soul out of my body and took my into his arms like I mom would do with her baby.  It was the strangest feeling when He took my soul out of my body.  There I was lying in His arms with my head against his chest. I knew it was Jesus, no doubt in my mind. Awesome!!!
I have many dreams.  The other night I had a dream where a little girl come to me and told me she is a messenger from God. I asked her what the message was, but she never told me. 
Dream = A pastor prayed for me “Lord give her a mouth of GOLD!”
Immediately another dream begins.
The Lord showed me 2 visions from my past (good memories). Next thing I was standing at an unknown scene and asked the Lord what He wants to show me, because this scene is not familiar. Next thing I know there is a blond hair man behind me that looked very vicious. He grabbed my hand and started to run with me. Later he let my hand go and I started to run for cover.  He saw me, and within a blink of an eye, he knocks me down, and I was “out”.  When I “woke up” he was lying next to me saying “that was very nice” and I knew that something happened. He said to me “ I can give you this and anything else you desire”. I sprang up and said to him “I am a child of the most high God, I believe in Jesus Christ! You are dead to me”  (I believe this is the words you use with a mouth of GOLD) As I said this he fell to the ground and looked nothing like the blond hair man.  He looked terrible. I think it was the devil?
Anyway I would like to hear your opinion on the dreams please.


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