A man says he can give me the blue prints to U.S Cities.

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A man says he can give me the blue prints to U.S Cities.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:35 am

Hello Precious ones.


I was traveling into different areas of the U.S. Like in real life. Anyway a man comes to me and says,"I can get you the blue prints over each city if you like?" I said, " Yes I need a machine that is like a tripod to scan the whole area so I know what it needs or what the mandate is." The man said," We can get you a disc that has all the blue print information on it. I said," No, I need to see it for myself in order to really understand what I need to be able to help these cities out not a clone of something already done." Or something like that. Anyway the man said, I can get you whatever you want just ask me. I said okay thank you.
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