Another vision at 5:33

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Another vision at 5:33

Post by Destine on Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:51 am

Hi all, so last night I only got about four hours of sleep. I prayed listened to teaching, lifted up others in prayer as well. I had another vision today: I'm in DT's room, were talking about faith and walking in faith. I can hear my mom and his mother talking in another room. I turn my head just for a second, my mind blacks out. And I know he attacked me.

Anyways, I spoke with another mother figure in my life wednesday. I had placed a letter concerning a dream I had in her bag. I thought it got thrown out, or maybe she never read it. She did, but she also discerned I have only had peace telling my mom one of the dreams. I'm supposed to be having a discussion with her sometime this week. I just ask that you all continue to pray for me, mostly for my health I caught a littlle sinus problem. I am standing on psalm 3:6 "I will not fear the tens of thousands of enemies who camp around me." And Psalm 30:2 for my healing.
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