Ladder, Stairs, and Proposal

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Ladder, Stairs, and Proposal

Post by Godchick on Sat Aug 23, 2008 5:03 am

it was night, and dark. i was climbing this HUGE ladder, that was reaching to the sky. you couldn't see how far it was going, it was so far up. i was climbing, and it was SCARY!! i was really scared! we were trying to get to the top. other people had gone before me, and we were last... (by we, i mean the faceless people i was with, and i don't know who they were, they possibly have no significance in the dream)... anyway, eventually, the bottom of the ladder snapped, and we fell, and i thought i was going to die, but we were fine... then it was like a scene change, and the sun was rising. it was becoming morning.... and instead of the ladder, there were stairs leading high high, curved around like a staircase. and i stepped up onto each step slowly, and reached the top, which led to like a bird pad (helicopter landing). then i went in this helicopter ride. i remember we were on our way to go to this new place and i think we were going to go rock climbing... then the helicopter arrived at a place which looked like a hopsital. i wasn't sick, but i was there... it was very much like the essence of a school camp, or excursion - new, exciting...etc.

then, scene change, and i am at a house with friends... and my friends say to me "this guy is going to propose to you". and sure enough, this guy, (who i know in real life, but i know is irrelevant to the dream) took me outside, and sung a song to me in front of everyone and proposed to me. in the dream, it wasn't the emphasis on him, so much... but on the proposal. he had a Tiffanies ring, which was beautiful!! but i was unsure, and said, lets get to know each other better, and just keep dating! haha!! then, the dream ended...

is this a spiritual dream? or am i just going crazy? haha..


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Re: Ladder, Stairs, and Proposal

Post by daphanie02 on Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:00 am

you arent going crazy at all each dream you posted is prophetic. Then first one is you climbing high with other people and you are scared. I feel this is symbolic for you climbing high or reaching for high goals and its very scary for you at the moment. It may be something you are experiencing with other people, like a group thing. Also the ladder breaking means that you may suffer loss but you will be ok in the end.
the second dream is more about you going higher...God is taking you to new places "high" places. In each dream you were either climbing something or getting in something that would take you higher up. the places God is taking you are new and exciting and very HIGH UP! Im wondering what this could be! I also think the helecopter stopping at the hospitle is just showing you that you will be slowed down in your efforts..kindof like in the ladder dream where it snapped and you all fell off. But dont worry! God is letting you know ahead of time everything will be fine!
the third dream reminds me of someone you meet and right away they are in love. You may meet someone thats head over heels for you and going a bit fast no matter how wonderful of things he has to offer you...hes still going fast and its a bit sudden.
Hope this helps,

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