dreaming about my mom..

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dreaming about my mom..

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:00 am

Ok this dream gets a little weird...its a combination of a tv show & the people i talk to at work...(never eat before going to bed ) but that's not the part That Bothered Me so much. I went back home in California & my Mom was home. When i walked in she wasn't in her room but in the room that used to be my brother's.. she was laying down sweaty &really tired. She managed to get up and go to the bathroom where i was. I got frustrated because i was scared something would happen if she moved. I told her how i was doing and what i accomplished. A small smile comes. Over her face & then a blank look. She was totally unresponsive. My brother and i took her to the bed and called 911 i told them my mom wasn't responding. My brother was crying so i took his hand. I was calling my best friend in the other room but she took her time coming. Out. Then i hear my brother say she has a peaceful. Look on her face. I called. My mom one more time & she opened. Her eyes. When she did that i was thinking. She shouldn't. Be here. I know she's Suffering. I was extremely sad when. I woke. Up. I have been struggling. With her passing. For a while & i think maybe something. Fell out because. I haven't been wanting. To deal with it.
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