Painting my nails...

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Painting my nails...

Post by tjw on Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:58 am

I dreamed this morning:

My mother, myself and I think my sister went to a mall. We were standing at a counter not sure if it was the makeup area or not. The person behind the counter handed us each free complimentary gift bags. I remember thinking it was Christmas time. When she began to hand us one of the bags I went to get it but it went to my sister instead. I remember being a bit disappointed but I realized the bag I received was just as great. I was happy with it. Next we decided we would go further into the mall to do two things, one thing I can't remember and the other was to get our nails done. For some reason getting our nails done was going to be a big mall event and we knew a lot of people would be going to do the same thing. In fact as we walked further I began to see long, long lines leading up to a couple of tables where people were getting their nails done. I decided I would go ahead to get mine done instead of doing the other thing we had set out to do first. My mother and sister went on elsewhere while I approached the line to wait to get my nails done. Somehow I was able to reach the table quicker than I thought although the lines were very long. When I approached the table I was perusing the different items that were available to be put on my nails as decoration after they would be painted. My hand was resting on the counter. When I looked down I realized the girl at the table went ahead and painted my thumbnail a gold color and some of the paint was chipped. I was annoyed that she went ahead and did not ask me what I wanted first. I told her that that was not the color I wanted and proceeded to grab a fuschia nail polish for her to use instead. This is a color I would like in real life. She was supposed to paint it with the new color I gave her but when I looked down again it was painted gold and was chipped. I was angry that she didn't really care to follow my request and did a sloppy job. I decided I would report her to her boss. After reporting her I left and sometime later in the dream she approached me in a hostile manner as she was angry I told on her. She was going to try to beat me up. She began throwing locker locks at my children who were with me at that point but missed. She tried to throw some at me but missed. She was a big girl and I thought looked tough but I was going to stand my ground and figured I could take her. I was not scared. Then later in the dream someone helped me to get her restrained in a hospital bed until her boss could get there as she was being very aggressive.....
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