Vision needs prayer

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Vision needs prayer

Post by writer4him on Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:58 pm

Some time ago, I had a vision in which I was in danger of being hurt by my brother-in-law who was trying to make me pay for separating from his brother.  I have had this vision occur twice, although some years passed between visions.  During most of our 20-year marriage, my bro-in-law was incarcerated except for a brief 3 year period. So, I didn't see the relevancy of the vision.   Well he was recently released but during his last stint, his brother and I separated and have been apart for the past 2 years due to DV issues.  Though my spouse did not keep in touch with his brother while he was in prison, they reconnected shortly after his recent release.  My spouse brought him by my apartment for a visit a couple months ago without asking me...when I saw him, the vision came to mind even though nothing seemed to be amiss.  My estranged mate is a professed believer but in the dream, he is aware of what is going on and makes no move to intervene.  What's troubling is that I have knowledge of a similar situation that occurred irl years before we met which resulted in a physical altercation when they confronted his former manager after he was terminated.

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