A friends' loved one lost due to a car accident

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A friends' loved one lost due to a car accident

Post by Destine on Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:40 pm

Hi all, I ask you all to lift up the Gonzalez Family, their eldest child lost his life in a fatal accident this past Thursday. Though I did not know him personally, when I did see him at my previous church, he was all so happy and kind. His sister and mother were so kind to me when I served with them during church.
Yesterday was the memorial service, I could just tell the wind had been knocked out of them. I was touched to see how many of his friends all thought they were his best friends. He made everyone feel special no matter what they did. The day he died, I kept hearing 561 repeating over in my mind. I thought I forgot $5.61 somewhere!
Come to find out, that's the exit he and his friend were on when they both died. So, I say all of this to ask for you all to remember them in your prayers.

Thank you all!
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