White House

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White House

Post by rhapsodyblue on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:12 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the site and need some help with a dream I had several nights ago.

I step out onto my back patio, carrying a newborn baby. I see a hole in a wall in front of me and look through it. I'm shocked to find that my backyard is completely dug up, exposing pipes in the ground - no idea who did it. I am more surprised to find that a shoddy wooden enclosure has been built next to the patio as well - not sure by who, but it was too flimsy to stand on. I put the baby down next to some other babies on the patio and go back inside.
Right before my eyes, my house turns to white/ivory. I am shocked by this as well. Every room in the house changes and rearranges - sort of like a live action renovation. The dream disappears and then seconds later the dream begins again. This time, my house is still white, but it looks more like a mansion and each room has been transformed into something larger and more elegant. My emotions through out these two dreams was growing shock because everything was so unexpected, but towards the end there is a sense of peace as well.

Any insight given would be appreciated.


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Re: White House

Post by dreamster on Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:30 pm

you wud get higher milage on your post if you reposted it in the genral dreams/visions dept,

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