Dream of Prophets. One Unknown & One that I know.

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Dream of Prophets. One Unknown & One that I know.

Post by MRSB on Wed May 29, 2013 10:29 am

1st dream
I dreamed I was in a loft in my living room and I was talking to a famous prophet for a while. I didnít know him prior to but I knew that he was famous. I noticed that the loft was an open space and that I could see the hallway that had other doors for lofts.
I looked in the dim light and saw another prophet whom I know. (childhood friend who is a well known prophet currently) at a door with his hand on the handle but staring at me & the 1st prophet. I finally motioned for him to come down and meet the gentlemen. He just stared in irritation at first then came. I discerned he was jealous. He was cordial to the 1st prophet when introduced but sorta snubbed me.
The 2nd prophet and I went away and talked for some time.

2nd dream
I was in the living room again. I was talking with a male who was sitting on the armrest of a couch. We talked for a very long time and I knew he was always with me leading me and telling me what to do. I understood that we were very close and great friends. He told me why we were in a hotel so long and advised that He had to lead me to a place that I normally would not have seen. The whole time I knew this was Jesus.
3rd dream
I was standing right in front of a big, beautiful, thick, marble open door. Even the wall of the place was made of marble. The door was open and looking into it the place was palatial.

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