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Post by Lisa4 on Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:05 pm

I have been dreaming about explosions. A few years back I had a dream that I was at my house with some of my family and we were watching tv and all the stations went blank and had nothing but snow on them. I turned and looked out the family room window and I saw a giant mushroom cloud over the town where I live. Then for some reason my hands began to burn. I looked down and they were all red. I woke up then.

Then a couple of months ago I had a dream that I was in town with friend at a restaurant we found some money and I went to give it to someone working there in case someone came back for it. Oddly Segournie Weaver was there and accused me of trying to steal it. We argued about it then suddenly the dream changed and my friend and I were walking down a road where my grandmother use to live. We heard an airplane flying over head it was a army jet then we heard something like a bomb falling and I said oh no they did it and then there was a giant mushroom cloud over my town again. We were then in a car racing toward the lake on this road and my youngest daughter was in the car now. I said if we get to the lake we will be ok. We were trying to out run the explosion. We drove straight into the lake. We got out of the car and there was a couple in a house right off the lake. They took us in and helped us dry off. I went outside wondering how we were going to get the car out of the lake. Then my sister and her family were there. They thought that they had radiation poisoning and said that we had to get to a city up north because they had what we needed to get better. I told her that was fine and could my daughter borrow some clothes from my nephew and she told me no he didn't like to lend his clothes out. I went outside again and my cell phone rang it was Segournie Weaver again she said that I had to give her the computer program that I had or else. I told her I would give it to her only if there was a car with a full tank of gas and a hundred dollars out in front of the house in an hour. I told my friend and he said it was no problem. He rewrote the program leaving out a part that was needed to make it work. In an hour the car was out there and we took off in it. We were going down through the middle of town and there were people rioting and the police were trying to blockaid the streets. We made our way through dodging the blockaids then we heard the sound of another bomb dropping. I yelled no not again they can't. My friend said not to worry there was another lake on the other said of town we will make it. He started going faster then we saw the mushroom cloud again we were almost out of town and the light and fire was coming towards us. I yelled hurry. Then I was in the middle of this flame it was swirling all around me. I yelled out what is going on why isn't he coming for us. Then I heard a voice say reach for me. Then I reached my hand up. That is when I woke up.

Then a couple of nights ago I had a very short dream. I was at my home but for some reason it was located next to the ocean. I was out in my yard working. I was aware that my daughters were there but I didn't see them. Then I heard some jets flying over head. There were three of them. They were flying in circles over the area one was kind of doing tricks flying upside down and stuff then they turned and flew over the ocean and crashed into it. There was an explosion and a mushroom cloud and the flash started coming towards me. I woke up.

I am not sure why I am having these dreams. It seems hear lately my dreams have become very vivid and have been having reoccuring themes to them.
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