Would age progression be a time marker??

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Would age progression be a time marker??

Post by exo152 on Sun May 26, 2013 8:21 am

A few months ago I had a dream in which a friend brought her daughter to my house. Irl her daughter is about six months old. In my dream she was around two. I had never seen the daughter at the time of my dream, but have since seen several pictures of her and she looks exactly like she did in my dream. I am wondering if the age progression I saw in my friend's daughter is actually a time marker for me?
Along the same vein, my daughter recently had a dream in which three things happened; during the first she and her younger brother were about five years older than they are now and their older brother was married and was living elsewhere with his wife. In the next phase of the dream she was also married and both she and her older brother had a small child. In the last phase of the dream, I believe she said the small children were older. Irl all of my children are still at home, our oldest son is not married and she and her younger brother are both tween age.
Any thoughts? Could these dream be literal and the age progression be time markers?? Thanks and God bless!!
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